Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Their own Racism is OK

Don't you think its funny when people are offended by something that they make such a big to-do about it, that they get it dropped from stores selling that item. I am talking about nothing other than the Illegal Alien costume that was found to be offensive to the Illegal Immigrant advocates. One in particular, the Indigenous Xicano, I have talked about his racism before, but now he has truly shown it without covering it up. I wonder, since he has pictures of Conquistadors along with pilgrams, doesn't that mean that his ancestors were also Illegal Immigrants, or do they in some way not count because he doesn't claim them? Inquiring minds truly want to know!!


Anonymous said...

Well, the thing about the alien in the orange jumpsuit is that it literally dehumanizes undocumented immigrants. It's done in jest, but it shows undocumented immigrants as something not human and one in prison, at that. It's not racist; the costume doesn't possess a parody of any distinctly cultural traits. It's offensive to all undocumented immigrants regardless of race.

I don't think people being offended enough to get this removed from stores was funny at all. Causing a ruckus is a good way to get the message across that this type of thing is not okay. It's part of the reason why Nazi uniform costumes are hardly ever mass-produced and sold; after getting educated about the Holocaust, most people (except Prince Harry) have enough common sense to know that it's in bad taste.

As for the Indigenous Xicano blog post, he/she was essentially making a statement about how pilgrims and Conquistadors were.. America's first "illegal aliens". They certainly didn't come to the New World in a "legal" manner, did they? They just arrived by ship and began, slowly but surely, taking over; claiming parts of the land as their own, killing and enslaving the indigenous people, etc. Of course, you could argue that there were no immigration laws to break back then, but I personally would label what they did as "morally illegal". I really do not understand how this blog post could be construed as racist. The costumes, even the strange life-sized plushie one, seem to be fair depictions of pilgrims and Conquistadors.

Do you understand the distinction I'm trying to make?

Liquidmicro said...

Thanks for commenting Anon, however, I am already aware of everything you have stated. As for it being offensive to Illegal Immigrants, I think it's more offensive to those advocating for Illegal Immigrants, as many/ maybe most, Illegal Immigrants do not participate in our Holiday.

As in bad taste as the costume was, it was only intended to be ironic against Dobbs. Its all in the context of which the person looks at it.

Now, about IX and the first "illegals", the argument is old and invokes empathy for those here today, sorry, I don't buy into it. Those that are here now, their ancestors did not settle in this neck of the woods, they settled in areas outside of the now USA. Now if you want to argue what happened to the Indigenous of the area of the now USA, I think we can agree it was atrocious, but to somehow think the plight of a person from southern Mexico, Central America, South America, or any country other than the USA, in some way has a right to cross our border without authorization just to better their own economic gain is far fetched. And as for the Indigenous of the USA, they already have every right granted them. If you want to argue for Indigenous Rights for those that were decimated within the now boundaries of the USA, I'll be right there with you.

I understand your distinction, they look like people vs an alien from outer space. Do you understand my point about the inherent hypocrisy and overt racism, even though they look like pilgrims and conquistador's.