Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sensationalized Headline? or Actual Stupidity?

Do Illegal Alien advocates have to lie in order to make themselves feel good? I mean, really, Dee's new topic headline: Napolitano/Holder Keep to Promise! Feds partner with State/Local Authorities to Crack Down on Gangs vs Workers! is so incorrect that the only thing I can come up with is, Stupidity. After reading her links to where she gathered her information from, she is attempting to justify that Napolitano some how has control over what the FBI does, from one of her other blog topics no less. Her other 2 links are to actual articles of the raid, in which they state there was no immigration charges in the list of charges.
The charges, part of a massive racketeering case dubbed Operation Knock Out, were outlined in several indictments charging 147 members and associates of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang with murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and witness intimidation.
This was a 4 year probe into the gang by the FBI, after the gang killed a local Police Officer in 2005. Eric Holder didn't even have influence on this case as he was just put in pace recently as the AG.

Then there is Mary, who cites the ACLU in stating that Illegal Immigration is a "civil offense".
The ACLU Report on the Rights of Immigrants States:

The U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) detains over 300,000 men, women adn children for violating immigration laws each year, placing them in jails and dentention centers even though immigration violations are civil -- not criminal -- offenses. Ironically, immigrants are not given the same access to legal representation and due process afforded to criminals.

The UCLU is non-partisan

Posted by Mary on 05/25/2009 @ 06:34PM PT
Did she not get the memo, Illegal Immigrant Advocates have already accepted and agreed to knowing that "overstaying a visa" (Nonimmigrant Status Violators) is an Administrative Offense (a violation of civil immigration laws), while "entry without inspection" (Violators of Conditions of Entry, Improper entry by an alien) is a Federal Misdemeanor Offense (is a violation of Title 8 of the U.S. criminal code punishable by a fine of between $50 and $250 and/or a maximum of six months in jail), which in fact, ironically to use one of her own words, is a criminal offense, both are subject to Deportation without hearing, unless charged with an "infamous crime".
In response to a question from an audience member, Christie said that immigrants are not committing a crime by being in the country illegally.

Monday, Christie said that while entering the country illegally is considered a federal misdemeanor, simply lacking legal immigration status is a civil violation.

“Deportable Aliens” have ‘NO RIGHTS’ granted to them by our Constitution just by being in the United States if they are in violation of our immigration laws. They are only granted ‘due process’ if they are charged with an "infamous crime" for which the Government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, otherwise the penalty imposed is Deportation for first time offenders.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bigotry, Ethnocentrism, Ignorance, and Outright Racism from the Advocates of Luis Ramirez

Does the idiocy ever end within the mind of an advocate who is blinded by their own bigotry, ignorance, racism, and ethnocentrism that they can not be objective or even open minded to actual facts?

Folks, I give you yet another ignorant post by "the Indigenous Xicano". First he states:

So why is it that the only ones with perfect recall were teens whose minds were impaired by alcohol?

People cannot drive straight drunk but they can have perfect recall of a crazy violent beating?

Why is it that the drunken teens who were so emotionally charged that their angry screaming of racist slurs were heard inside the homes of the nearby residents are the only ones with perfect recall from that night?
These kids who told the truth were now accused by the defense for kicking Ramirez.

The arrogant Donchak and Piekarsky stuck to their fabricated story
. They stuck to the advise offered by the cop who slept with Pietarsky's mother.
And yet he wants the "boys" testimony to be upheld as factual truth. I agree with him, let the "boys" testimony stand as it was stated. What he fails to recognize is that the "boys" recollection was given to them by Brandon himself the day after the incident as the boys clearly testify to. None of the "boys", according to court testimony, saw who kicked Ramirez, they stated that Brandon told them that he kicked Ramirez the day after the incident.
Lawson: Piekarsky said he kicked Ramirez during the meeting at his house.
Scully: Piekarsky said he kicked Ramirez, and Donchak "said he was glad he didn't break his knuckles."
Redmond: I saw Ramirez hit the ground, but saw no kick.
Walsh: me, Piekarsky, Donchak and Scully kicked the fallen Ramirez.
Walsh: I took Ramirez down with a solid "uppercut hook" and saw him hit his head
Walsh: Piekarsky kicked Ramirez in the head while he was down.
Another eye witness, Elizabeth Schlack, states she saw 3 boys kicking Ramirez. This also corroborates what Walsh testified to, "me, Piekarsky, Donchak and Scully kicked the fallen Ramirez."
1:17: Schlack: I called 911 after I heard continuous thumping and saw three males kicking a prone man. On cross-examination, defense enters Schlack's 911 tape as evidence. Fanelli points out that Schlack referred to "teenagers fighting and beating each other" and counted 6 to 8 people during the 911 call.
Yet in another topic, he goes off yet again. Does he not read what he writes? Is he unable to actually comprehend his own statements? I have to question his IQ, is it equivalent to others of his ethnicity?
White shoes. Red shoes. Blue shoes. Green eggs and freaking ham. The fact is that two of Brandon's buddies pointed him out in court and said that Brandon KICKED Ramirez in the head.

In Shenandoah, direct testimony by eyewitnesses is not enough to convict White "boys"(they were referred to as just "boys" in jury deliberations) for killing a Mexican.

These two who testified that Brandon kicked Ramirez know Brandon by sight. They did not have to focus on the color of a shoe. They knew Brandon by face. They go to school with Brandon. They play sports with him. They spend boring Saturday nights in Shenandoah drinking with him. They were not confused by whom they saw kick Ramirez.

Yet, the jury was able to ascertain that these two friends were lying. They were somehow able to come to that collective understanding.

This jury could not come to the collective understanding of how easy it would be, under the extreme circumstances, for Ariel to not be sure of the color of a shoe.

Rather than convict with eyewitness testimony, the jury used the understandable confusion of a fellow teen who witnessed a good friend killed before her eyes as grounds for acquittal.
But according to the "boys" testimony that he so desperately wishes to be used and states "These kids who told the truth were now accused by the defense for kicking Ramirez.", but can not see what is clearly in front of his own eyes? All the boys testify to having been told by Piekarsky that he kicked Ramirez. Maybe its a lack of comprehension on his behalf? "Who" were the eye witnesses to the kick, since Piekarsky had to tell the "boys" he kicked Ramirez? Schlack didn't see who did the kick, the Garcia's didn't see who kicked Ramirez, yet Ariel could clearly show how the kick was done. What about Burke? According to her interview, she saw the same as Schlack. So who was/were the "eye witnesses" to this kick in the head? Maybe it was made up and never happened!?

So I ask, does talking in circles and contradicting yourself make you intelligent and able to "think critically"? I don't think so, I think it shows his own bigotry, ignorance, ethnocentrism, and racism.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

If You Can't Refute, Change the Argument.

Well, seems that the Indigenous Chicano now has a new argument as to why the Shenandoah teens have been acquitted. The argument now relies on Ariel Garcias interview and a statement of "It happened so fast".
Ariel was not even sure what color the shoes were that kicked Ramirez. But it happened so fast. Her friend was on the ground foaming from the mouth. It was perhaps the craziest, most chaotic few moments of her life.

This understandable uncertainty was used by the defense attorney used to allow the all-White local jury to "find" the all_white local defendants not-guilty.

Other witnesses' credibility were also attacked for their lack of perfect recall. Eyewitness Eileen Burke was not even called to testify in court. She has stated that the prosecutor told her that she had discrepancies in her statements.
According to the video he has posted of Ariel explaining what happened, at the 39 second mark she states "It happened so fast" in regards to the second fight moving from the grass on W. Lloyd Street to the middle of the Asphalt on W. Lloyd Street. She explains how her Husband Victor is trying to get kids off himself and how Ariel is screaming to "Stop". Next thing they know Luis is laying on the ground. She explains how there was a kid standing next to Luis and then she shows how he was kicked @1:02. Now, if she can show "how" he was kicked, surely she should know who did it, or at the very least recognize the type of shoe that was worn and its description.

As Indigenous questions, Can the Drunk Teenage Boys Have Perfect Recall? I don't think they can simply due, as Indigenous points out, People cannot drive straight drunk but they can have perfect recall of a crazy violent beating? If this truly is the case, then how can anybody take their testimony in court as credible? Since 3 of the boys pointed the finger at Piekarsky for the "last kick to Ramirez' head". How can the advocates then themselves hold Piekarsky as the "MURDERER" of Ramirez when he was only pointed out by the 3 teens who were drunk at the time and were told the next day by, as they alledge, Piekarsky himself told them that he kicked Ramirez in the head? The one teen who was not drinking, Redmond, his testimony points to Ramirez swinging first and Piekarsky "tackling" Ramirez. Redmond ran from the scene at the point of Walsh knocking "Ramirez out cold".

Again, according to court testimony by 2 officers on the scene not of Shenandoah, Ariel stated: "Sculy was the kicker". But according to the advocates, the police, DA, Judge, and Jury have conspired in a cover up of a Mexican National being MURDERED and HATED due to "Walking While Brown."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PRO Ethnic Advocates and their own Hypocricy and Racism

Don't you just enjoy it when the Advocates expose themselves for what they really are, Hypocrites and Racists themselves. I give you the Indigenous Xicano and his ramblings of If Only One of the Shenandoah Cowards had an Ounce of Independent Thought and Decency, where in he states:
If only one of these kids could have had the insight, the empathy, the lack of prejudice, and the courage to have stepped between Ramirez and his buddies and said "Stop!"

But there were no independent thinkers that night. It was a mob mentality. There was no empathy that night. There was anger and a hatred for Mexicans.

There was also no decency that night. Everyone of those kids could have stopped a fatal beating. But no one stepped up when they were called upon to save a life. For that they are the Shenandoah Cowards. If any of them are capable of any insight (and I seriously doubt that Brandon Piekarsky has the ability)they will have to ponder the reality that they had a chance to prevent a death but instead they participated in a fatal beating.

Indigenous also claims to accept the testimony from Scully, Walsh, and Lawson as truth in many of his other ramblings. Yet, all 3 witnesses claimed Piekarsky said nothing to Ramirez that could be labeled as "Ethnic Intimidation", but that doesn't stop Indigenous nor any other Advocate from wanting Piekarsky held accountable for Ethnic Intimidation, and because he was accused of kicking Ramirez in the head, the advocates want him held accountable for MURDER, the problem is that 2 separate coroners said the cause of death was due to blunt force trauma. This could have happened during numerous occasions, first could have been Ramirez hitting his head on the ground in the first fight when Piekarsky tackled him, or possibly by 3 of the boys kicking Ramirez as testified by Walsh, or it could have been the punch from Walsh, or when Ramirez hit his head on the Macadam, or when he was kicked in the head at the end. The problem is that Lawson, Scully, and Walsh state Piekarsky kicked Ramirez. The problem lies in the fact that Ariel Garcia told the officers the night of the incident that Scully was the kicker, witnesses testified to it on day 4. In her court testimony on day 3, she states;
9:34 Cross examination by prosecution.

Garcia: I saw multiple feet stomping the fallen Ramirez.
The problem is that Officer Senape on day 4 @9:09 AM;
I interviewed Arielle Garcia on-scene, and she identified Scully as the kicker and the "he's not dead" comments to Walsh.
@ 9:28 Fanelli calls officer Michele Ashman, of the Frackville police. Ashman:
on-scene, I saw Officer Hayes interview Arielle Garcia, and she identified Scully as the kicker.

Now, on to Indigenous' criticism of the boys, Scully on cross examination between 10:11 and 10:41 A.M. of day 2, states in his testimony specifically that, "one fight stopped after Donchak pushed Ramirez away." Donchak pushed Ramirez away, stopping one fight, the first fight, yet, according to Indigenous, "If only one of these kids could have had the insight, the empathy, the lack of prejudice, and the courage to have stepped between Ramirez and his buddies and said "Stop!"", well, it sure seems to me that Donchak had that insight, that empathy, that lack of prejudice, and the courage to say the fight is over, lets go. The boys begin to walk away from the park and up W. Lloyd Street where Burke lives, between 50 & 100 feet from the original incident on Vine Street. Ramirez runs up behind Scully and punches him in the back of the head.

The boys were walking away!! During this time is when Ariel and Victor were trying to calm down Luis, and according to Ariel, "He was so MAD, he went after the boys". This is when Luis ran from the park side of the street, caught up to the boys from behind in front of Burkes house (between 50 & 100 feet away), and punched Scully in the back of the head numerous times. Walsh, defending his friend, punches Luis and knocks him out cold, his head hits the macadam, allegedly he is kicked in the head. A thud was heard by Victor and Burke during the time of "punch, head on ground, kick", but they could not contribute it to any single event, as they did not see what happened.

So, what the advocates advocate for is the heads of these boys for one of their own Raza having died from the lack of "insight, empathy, lack of prejudice, and the courage to just "STOP!" after Donchak pushed him away, the boys were walking away, and Ariel and Victor were attempting to calm Ramirez down." He would probably be alive today, and this incident would never have made headlines had Ramirez listened to his friends and that one "boy" who pushed him away.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dee and the Eileen Burke Video

How can a person, watch and listen to a video interview, give so much embellished information, and then claim it as what was said?? Will Dee's ignorance and ineptness ever show her to be at least half way intelligent, or is this one of those "Do I have to dumb things down for you" moments? I watched and listened to the video as well, I boldfaced Burkes actual statements she made in the video and I have italicized Dee's embellishments to Burkes interview.

1. She lives across the street from the park where Ramirez was murdered.
The picture in the video appears to be Burkes home on W. Lloyd Street across the street from the park located on Vine Street, with only an upstairs window able to view the park in its entirety, while the lower windows and entry are hampered by her patio cover.
UPDATE: Burkes address is 531 W. Lloyd St., Shenandoah, PA. According to google earth maps, its about the 5th house up the street, not the house on the corner as shown in the video. If this is accurate, it changes the distance Ramirez would have had to run to hit Scully in the back of the head. Can anybody verify Burkes house and its location? Is Google Maps correct?

2. She heard the racial epiteths hurled at Ramirez as he and his friend were walking through the park. She repeats them. "Go back to Mexico." Names/etc. @ 1:50 - 3:00; What Burke says is, I thought it was "kids playing basketball and telling someone "to go back to Mexico" at the park as kids sometimes do, taunting one another". She was going to give it until 12:00 PM, midnight, before calling the police for them to be quite. Then she heard girls screaming a few minutes later outside her home. This is when she called 911.

Here is a link from American Humanity from July 25th, 2008, NOTE: The following paragraph is not exactly what she says in the interview, it does vary quite a bit and is used only for the purpose of showing that she had the A/C on, that she hears screaming all the time from the park, and that she called 911:
“With the park across the street, I hear screaming all the time, but I turned down the air conditioning so I could hear what was going on and I could see kids going back and forth and a girl was screaming ‘Please stop hitting him,’ ” Burke said. “I called 911 to get an ambulance. There seemed to be too many kids around and I thought I’d better be safe than sorry. When I got out the front door, there was one kid running down the pavement. I heard a thud and the kid ran past again.”
This would also corroborate that a second fight took place, as the first fight was at the park, or very close to it, and the second fight where Ramirez (as Ariel states in her testimony, "And so, Victor and I ran up to Luis, and we said, “What happened?” But he was so mad, he wasn’t really talking to us. And those kids kept yelling stuff, and he went back, and the kids turned around, and the fight started again..") came running up and hit Scully in the back of the head and Walsh knocked him out cold.

3. She called 911 to report the crime. They were slow in responding.
@ 3:50 - 4:40; 911 was asking her for information.

4. She became frustrated and went out on her porch. She saw the jocks. She heard the fatal kick to the head. She saw Arielle arrive.
Ariel was already there, how could she see her arrive?
@ 4:40 - 6:05; Burke heard a "thud" and then Burke saw 6-8 boys standing in a circle, when they walked/ran away she saw someone lying on the ground.

5. Piekarsky and Walsh confronted her in her front yard. Piekarsky pushed out his chest and tried to intimidate her. He told her to keep quiet or she would wind up like her Mexican friend on the ground. Burke had never met Ramirez before that evening. @ 5:52 - 6:30; Burke said, "Piekarsky threw his chest into me, she knew right then they were juveniles, Piekarskys eyes got big because he knew I knew who he was". Piekarsky never said anything to Burke. Burke could not identify who yelled back "get your effin"...." to, as Burke said, Ariel or Roxanne.

6. She saw Piekarsky and Donchak run off together with the other jocks, hiding in the other side of the park. @ 11:40; Burke saw the boys remove their shirts and place them in their back pockets, "looked like white tail deer" go to the park over the knoll she is pointing to. Piekarsky and Donchak hit the Garcia's jeep parked at the park. Burke said she told the officer that he should go to the park to see if the boys were by the ball field, she was betting they were still there.

7. She went to Ramirez and Arielle who was hysterical standing next to Luis who was foaming at the mouth. Burke describes the foaming and dent in his head, the swelling, yet no blood. She described the indentation on Luis' chest. @ 7:05 - 7:20; Burke said "there was a big red mark on his chest."
This would explain Ramirez having no shirt, as Roxanne stated, "he took off his shirt, and handed it to me along with his medallion and wallet.
8. When she talked to Arielle, Arielle said she knew Scully and Donchak from school, she did not know the others. Burke said she knew Piekarsky and Walsh from the neighborhood. @ 9:00

9. The police who initially arrived were from different cities and one sheriff. The Shenandoah police, Moyer, arrived later. He was rude and abrasive to both of them. He asked them both if Luis was drunk. When the ambulance finally arrived, he suggested Luis was faking it. He attempted to kick Luis but Eileen stopped him. @ 14:45 - 15:30; Moyer asked the EMT's questions about Ramirez, not Ariel or Burke. Burke states, "he put his foot back", and Burke "ASSUMED" he was going to do something, possibly kick to see if he was faking, but he never did anything beyond that.

10. Eileen told Moyer and Hayes his partner who arrived later that she saw Piekarsky and Donchak and Arielle told them she knew Scully and Walsh from school and they were the perpetrators. Moyer and Hayes would not take their report. @ 16:40

11. Instead, about 30 minutes later, Moyer and Hayes pick up some stranger in town who had a bat in his had and took him to Arielle and asked her if he was the attacker. She said no. Burke said she told them who the perpetrators were.
@ 19:00; The person they brought back had on a ball cap, not a bat.

12. Eileen said the cook from RJs bar came to the scene. The cook came to see what was going on. The cook said officer Jay Hayes had called Tammy Piekarsky who worked at the bar and said she better leave work and get a hold of Brandon because he could be in a lot of trouble. The reason Hayes was delayed in getting to the scene was because he was busy contacting Brandon's mother and developing the cover story for the perpetrators. They all met at Donchak's house to get the story straight. @ 17:50

13. Burke said it took 9 - 10 days before the perpetrators were even charged for the crime because of the cover up. @ 24:35
Officers and DA's need to obtain warrants based on evidence and testimony, and it actually took 12 days to pick up the accused. Incident took place on the evening of July 12, 2008 and Piekarsky and Donchak were arrested on July 25, 2008.

14. The prosecution initially said she would be called as a witness, but a week before the trial said she would only be called if needed. She describes how the lead prosecutor never interviewed her and had no intention of calling her to the stand and how a backup ADA strung her along. There never was serious consideration to strongly prosecuting the case. Her testimony would have broken this case wide open with the TRUTH!!! AND the Cover up!! @ 20:38
Burkes testimony would have done nothing at all other than corroborate what was said by Ariel and Roxanne. The only thing she might be good for is if there is a case brought about against the officers who came to the scene.

Burke was a meter maid for the City of Philadelphia, a low ranking officer with minimal experience in crime scenes. Her statements however of the officers on scene should get something going into an investigation of the way the case may have been handled by the officers.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Luis Ramirez' Death, Unfortunate As It Was, NOT Murder, NOR a Hate Crime!!

I've been following the case of Luis Ramirez from the beginning, and I have to say that I am a little blown away by all the Pro-Advocates claiming this was a murder and a Hate Crime, that Ramirez was killed due to the color of his skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Digger from Diggers Realm has a really good write up and full coverage, be sure to read his own verdict. Wendi, a.k.a. Turtle, from PA Pundits has also been blogging about this story from the beginning, pointing out many what are now facts, that the MSM left out.

What the Pro-Advocates fail to recognize is that Roxanne points out that Ramirez was actively participating in the fight, he had time to call for back up (6 phone calls) and to give Roxanne his shirt, necklace, wallet, and cell phone. Read Roxanne's Testimony in the court case.

Ariel, shortly after the fight, gave an interview with even more events of the actual night of the fight. She implements Ramirez as becoming an aggressor, after the first fight ended and the boys were walking away, Ramirez was so mad that he ran up behind the boys and punched Scully in the back of the head 6 times before Walsh punched Ramirez and knocked him out. Ramirez then fell, out cold, his head slams into the concrete. At this point it is said that one of the boys kicked Ramirez in the head. According to officers later interviewing Ariel, her husband Victor, Roxanne, and a couple other back-up friends of Ramirez whom he called to help out, stated that it was Scully who kicked Ramirez.

Former Officer Burke heard one of the boys tell, presumably Roxanne but possibly Ariel, "You effin bitch, tell your effin Mexican friends get the eff out of Shenandoah or you're gonna be laying effin next to him." Although Burke could not identify which boy said it, she was also never called as a witness for the Prosecution. Elisabeth Schlack, local resident who lives near the scene of the incident, states she saw 3 boys kicking Ramirez.

All of the previous articles by the MSM, from the beginning up to the court trial, have all had many accounts missed and possibly left out on purpose to incite sales of their papers, or incite division amongst the people.

Now, I feel Piekarsky and Donchak got the punishment they deserved for their involvement in this unfortunate event. It seems Walsh has taken a plea deal through the Federal Government and Scully has yet to have charges brought against him. It also seems from court testimony that Scully was the one making the statements, as listed above. Ramirez did actively participate in the fight from the beginning, I don't believe the boys intended for Ramirez to die as they walked away after the first fight. Now, 2 coroners, both testified that they could not state exactly what caused Ramirez actual death, only that it could have been from a combination of the punch from Walsh, Ramirez hitting his head on the concrete, or from a supposed kick to his head.

Again, this unfortunate event ended in a man dying from his injuries received from a fight that he obviously volunteered/participated in, can not in any way be construed as "Murder", at best it can be construed as "Involuntary Manslaughter". The problem in accusing "one" of the boys for his death is which boy do you lay blame on, as they all can not be held guilty for his death.

The problem with the Pro-Advocates, as usual, they want someone or even all the boys blamed and held accountable, calling it a Murder and a Racial Hate Crime, or as the inept Dee spouts, "Murder due to WWB (Walking While Brown)."