Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Apples to Apples

Here's what I see in the immigration debate. I will label them so that you can get a clear picture of each.

First, lets start with the Red Apple. I'll call this, the Non-Immigrant Status Violator, or Illegal Border Crosser, (IBC) for short.

Second, the Green Apple. I'll call this, the Violators of Conditions of Entry, or Visa Overstays, (VO) for short.

Third, the Yellow Apples. I'll call this, the immigrants that came here legally and are Legal Permanent Residents, (LPR) for short.

Now, when one discusses the topic of illegal immigration, one person is discussing the cause and effect of say the Red Apple, yet the counter to the argument brought up by the other person is always towards that of the Green Apple, and vise-versa. Why can't we have an intellectual discussion of only one apple at a time? Why is there always this dishonest comparison between the two apples? What complicates things even further is when someone tries to bring in the Yellow Apples and tries to mix the Red and the Green in with those. Then, if something is said to the fact that only the red apples are the ones that are being discussed by you, then you get labeled a racist, xenophobe, nativist, and other ignorant terms for not seeing an apple.

Only when the discussion can be about the specific color of the apple will this immigration dialogue continue with intellectual discourse. Only when people can see beyond the apple itself, realize that each color, Red, Green, and Yellow, all have different uses and flavors, will they be able to objectively discuss a solution to the apples themselves.


patriot said...

You are correct of course, Liquid. The pro-illegals do tend to mix the apples to gain sympathy and justify the presence of those who are illegally in our country that just jumped our borders and NEVER had papers to be here in the first place (the red apples).

It is their ultimate agenda that makes them the racists and not us. They want to fill this country up with their own ethnic kind and gain political control of our country. That is one of the biggest reasons that I am opposed to amnesty for these illegal border jumpers.

Liquidmicro said...

Here's a really good example of what I attempt to portray in my topic.

Coming to America on a legal visa, and overstaying that visa is a non-criminal “violation.” Crossing the border illegally, i.e., without a visa and at an unauthorized border point, is a crime, but only a misdemeanor. Illegally re-entering America after one has already been deported, is a felony.

I think the specifics should be specified and adhered to by both arguers.