Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Happy Meal Metaphore

I must be making it big. I've been "discovered" by the HispanicBusiness Forum. I would like to thank Fake Tony for providing a link to my blog and the topic "The 'Stolen Land' Argument". I've noticed a few additional hits that have came from the link, so again I say thank you.

Since I'm not a registered member of the HB forums and can not directly receive the insult from one commenter there, Tony Cheek: "How does linking to a whackjob web site put anything into perspective? Except the sad ramblings of a man a fry or two shy of a Happy Meal?", I will discuss it here.

First, I see you directly attack me as a typical response attributed to your own ignorance. I'm sorry I don't believe in your "Chicano Studies".

Second, you obviously didn't read the article, or if you did, you had no response to it, which again is typical of someone who agrees with what is said.

Third, you consider me a "whackjob" simply because I am pointing out all the things wrong with the PRO CIR arguments from the view point of an American Citizen against Illegal Immigration. You seem to be making many assumptions about me based on my header.

So, if there is something you don't agree with in my posts or my topics, please feel free to leave a comment and be open to objective discussion.


Alie said...

Don't hold your breath, Liquid. They don't know how to debate objectively and honestly.

They are basically cowards who will run back to their protective "turf" and huddle with their cabal waiting like spiders in a web for some poor soul to wander in there and express their opposition to general amnesty and open borders and reconquista. Then they'll all gang up on them. They'll call whites "racists, bigots, xenophobes" and other names, and if the poster happens to let on that they're Latino, they'll be demonized as "vendidos."

patriot said...

Alie, you are correct. They are nothing but a bunch of cowardly, ethnocentric, white-race hating, reconquista pigs.

There are some in there that have been indoctrinated into the "this is our land" Chicano studies BS and some who are just self-loathing white people. The whole lot of them in HB are wetting themselves over the thought of the diminishment of the white majority in this country to be replaced by Hispanics and yet anyone who objects to that is a racist? This phenonomum will only occur through continued illegal immigration from their ethnic group and giving amnesty to those already here. That is why they want their version of CIR. Their agenda is to turn this country into a majority Hispanic one and that is why they want amnesty and fight every tool to secure our borders. They are seditionists among us with an ethnocenric, racist agenda.

They are too cowardly as you both said to debate us in here. They stay in their own little playground protected by the biased moderators and Admin. Much like Dee does now. She only allows one anti to post in there now (and he makes her look like a fool but she is too dumb to realize it) and deletes all the others because she can't handle the truth. Her statement of all views are allowed with civility is nothing but a joke and a mockery. What are these "pro's" so damned scared of if they believe they have truth and our laws on their side? Bunch of damned cowards!

Alie said...

Patriot, I think that they know they are full of horse puckey and that is why they do not wander far off of their ethnocentric reservation. Their agenda is totally racialist and hostile at heart and they know it. It has virtually nothing to do with simple "compassion" for the downtrodden. They know what they are and what their agenda is and that it will not stand up to close scrutiny. Their propaganda can easily be refuted as it was here by Liquid. Why would they want to expose themselves to this when they can stay nice and safe on their protected turf?