Thursday, March 5, 2009

Media Matters, NCLR, and Liberal Bloggers Get it WRONG about Hannity

I find it rather peculiar how the left tends to point fingers and yell hate speech and attempt to label those who disagree with them, various names. But what happens if they blame the wrong person for a statement made by a Conservative when it was actually first published by an Independent? I give you Barbara F. Hollingsworth, former Reporter and Columnist for The Daily Illini (Independent Student News Source) and Topeka-Capital Journal (Liberal Paper owned by Morris Communications), and her opinion editorial from The Examiner, primarily an online format conservative e-paper. I give you Barbara's exact words,
Speaking of beneficiaries, the omnibus bill contains a $473,000 earmark for La Raza, which has called for Mexico to annex the southwestern states. Maybe it’s time to take them up on the offer and let the Mexican government bail out California for a change.
Now lets make note of the time of her publishing, 2/25/09 5:42 PM, and keep in mind this is on the East Coast.

Now, lets look at the time of the statement made by Sean Hannity, since the Hannity show is live on the East Coast at 9:00 PM, his statement was therefor made after 9:00 PM on 2/25/2009, that's approximately 4 hours after it was first stated by Barbara F. Hollingsworth. But do you think Media Matters cares? Not really, it's easier to point the finger at the "other". What about Dee and her Blog, do you think she would be intelligent enough to do some research prior to her blather and spouting, "Sean Hannity is a Big Fat Liar Desperate for Ratings!" Just like Media Matters, Dee is incapable of actual research and objectivity. There are numerous blogs that have linked to her and copied her ignorance, do you think any of them will redact their links?


patriot said...

Well look what the wind blew in, the psycho pathological liar and anti-American racist POS. I laugh everytime I peek into her blog and see how dead it is. She chased off every anti except Ultima. So much for her mission blog statement of allowing both sides an opinion in there. As for ucivility, she is the biggest violater in her own blog. Someday she will pay for her sins as a despicable human being.

Alie said...

Here's background information on Media Matters:

Alie said...

Click on the Visual Map if you want to see something really interesting. Click on George Soros and see all of the far left organizations being funded by this guy. It's just amazing that so much is being made out of Rush Limbaugh when you have this highly organized and well-funded machine on the far left.