Saturday, May 9, 2009

Luis Ramirez' Death, Unfortunate As It Was, NOT Murder, NOR a Hate Crime!!

I've been following the case of Luis Ramirez from the beginning, and I have to say that I am a little blown away by all the Pro-Advocates claiming this was a murder and a Hate Crime, that Ramirez was killed due to the color of his skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Digger from Diggers Realm has a really good write up and full coverage, be sure to read his own verdict. Wendi, a.k.a. Turtle, from PA Pundits has also been blogging about this story from the beginning, pointing out many what are now facts, that the MSM left out.

What the Pro-Advocates fail to recognize is that Roxanne points out that Ramirez was actively participating in the fight, he had time to call for back up (6 phone calls) and to give Roxanne his shirt, necklace, wallet, and cell phone. Read Roxanne's Testimony in the court case.

Ariel, shortly after the fight, gave an interview with even more events of the actual night of the fight. She implements Ramirez as becoming an aggressor, after the first fight ended and the boys were walking away, Ramirez was so mad that he ran up behind the boys and punched Scully in the back of the head 6 times before Walsh punched Ramirez and knocked him out. Ramirez then fell, out cold, his head slams into the concrete. At this point it is said that one of the boys kicked Ramirez in the head. According to officers later interviewing Ariel, her husband Victor, Roxanne, and a couple other back-up friends of Ramirez whom he called to help out, stated that it was Scully who kicked Ramirez.

Former Officer Burke heard one of the boys tell, presumably Roxanne but possibly Ariel, "You effin bitch, tell your effin Mexican friends get the eff out of Shenandoah or you're gonna be laying effin next to him." Although Burke could not identify which boy said it, she was also never called as a witness for the Prosecution. Elisabeth Schlack, local resident who lives near the scene of the incident, states she saw 3 boys kicking Ramirez.

All of the previous articles by the MSM, from the beginning up to the court trial, have all had many accounts missed and possibly left out on purpose to incite sales of their papers, or incite division amongst the people.

Now, I feel Piekarsky and Donchak got the punishment they deserved for their involvement in this unfortunate event. It seems Walsh has taken a plea deal through the Federal Government and Scully has yet to have charges brought against him. It also seems from court testimony that Scully was the one making the statements, as listed above. Ramirez did actively participate in the fight from the beginning, I don't believe the boys intended for Ramirez to die as they walked away after the first fight. Now, 2 coroners, both testified that they could not state exactly what caused Ramirez actual death, only that it could have been from a combination of the punch from Walsh, Ramirez hitting his head on the concrete, or from a supposed kick to his head.

Again, this unfortunate event ended in a man dying from his injuries received from a fight that he obviously volunteered/participated in, can not in any way be construed as "Murder", at best it can be construed as "Involuntary Manslaughter". The problem in accusing "one" of the boys for his death is which boy do you lay blame on, as they all can not be held guilty for his death.

The problem with the Pro-Advocates, as usual, they want someone or even all the boys blamed and held accountable, calling it a Murder and a Racial Hate Crime, or as the inept Dee spouts, "Murder due to WWB (Walking While Brown)."


Turtle said...

Thanks for the link, Liquid. The more we get out the real story, the more people will understand what really happened. Just a clarification: Scully has been charged in juvenile court. His hearing is supposed to take place VERY soon, perhaps even sometime this week. Because his case is in juvenile court, I am not sure how bound we are by the essential gag order, but I'll post what I can.

Liquidmicro said...

Thanks for the clarification on Scully Wendi. Will be waiting to see how this develops further.

By the way, Dee has banned me from her site, moderates anything I say and won't post it.

patriot said...

Dee won't accept the truth even when it is staring her straight in the face. I am sure she is all over the internet spouting her "hate crime" rhetoric as are all the rest of the ethnocentric racists like her. The jury had to base their verdict on the evidence presented and witness accounts of the occurance but Dee wanted "white blood" to be shed because a Hispanic died no matter what the jury concluded.

Alie said...

While this man's death was an unnecessary tragedy, it still amazes me that these ethnocentrists show absolutely NO concern or emotion for all of the Americans who have been the victims of violent crime at the hands of illegals. No sites started to get "justice" for them.

Dee and the other ethnocentrics care about one thing and one thing only: the victim of this incident was LATINO and an illegal. Had he been anything else, they wouldn't give a hoot. Then they go around acting all outraged and morally superior. What a bunch of phonies.

These ethnocentric, racist advocacy groups are enraged that they were not able to intimidate the jury into rendering the verdict that they wanted.

The jury had to go on the evidence as it was presented. With so much publicity, perhaps an out of county jury should have been brought in. I am glad that the Justice Dept. is looking into this to make sure that nothing was overlooked; this is a small town with not a lot of experience prosecuting high profile murder cases.

Again, it truly was a tragedy in which a man lost his life and I am truly sorry for that. That is more than the pro-illegals ever express towards the American victims of violent crimes by illegals, though.

Wendi said...

Hey there again Liquid. I found out that Brian Scully took a plea deal on Monday during his hearing. I do not know the details, but he was not put into custody, as he was out later that evening.

As for the lovely "Dee" and her anti-American spew, I actually had to email her and threaten her with a defamation suit for posting all over Topix and sending emails outcalling me "a member of the KKK" who "posts on anti Latino hate forums."
She referred to ALIPAC as a hate group, and gave a link to an ADL story about "anti immigrant rhetoric" as her supposed proof that ALIPAC is a hate group.
It might even be fun bantering with her if she had a clue. Alas.

Liquidmicro said...

Thanks for the update on Scully, Wendi.

That sounds like Dee's MO. She has labeled Patriot, Alie, and myself along with a few others in the past as being members of the KKK and ALIPAC. Its the last resort for someone who cannot argue with intelligence. She has tried that crap with me on Topix, I laugh at it and the others on Topix begin slamming her as well.

Wendi said...

Just in: Scully found delinquent by juvie court judge, hearing was made semi-public (whatever that means). Apparently, I was given faulty information about him taking a plea last Monday. I apologize for the error.

Liquidmicro said...

From what I have been reading about Delinquency in Juvenile Courts is:

Court Jurisdiction Involving Delinquency
A delinquent youth is a person under the age of eighteen who has been accused of or committed an act, which if committed by an adult, would constitute a violation of a law or ordinance of the United States or a state, county or city. A delinquent youth is determined to be lacking responsibility, but may not be sentenced as an adult. In certain instances, the juvenile court may transfer its jurisdiction over the delinquent youth to adult court after a hearing. In the hearing it must be proved that the youth is not agreeable to treatment in the juvenile system and that keeping the youth in juvenile jurisdiction will not serve the interests of the youth or society.

Currently, delinquent youths charged with committing certain serious felonies are automatically brought to trial and sentenced in adult court.